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Syrinx Slideshow includes Powerful Inline Editor

The Syrinx slideshow is a powerful jquery plugin that can pan and zoom on slide image background. It also supports unlimited animated layers that can each have an unlimited number of animation keyframes for complete control over layers and their animation while a slide is being displayed.

Auto Slideshow Performance Adaptation

The slideshow player can do two levels of downgrading its animations based on performance feedback from when the player first starts.  If the browser cannot keep up with the desired frame-rate within a certain tolerance, then it will stop zoom animation but still pan the background image.  If the speed of the browser is even more out of a 2nd tolerance, then it will also drop the panning and just switch immediately between slides.

This level of performance allows the slideshow to work well in limited phone browsers that cannot keep up with that level of animation.  This has tested well on a Samsung Galaxy phone as well as the Samsung Galaxy 10.1.  The 10.1 is actually slower at the animation than the phone, which is due to the number of pixels being pushed around.

The IPad works well with the animations.  When the slideshow player is used in full screen mode, the controller works well with a touch interface.

Advanced Slideshow Editor

The editor described and shown here is still under initial development.

The main editing interface appears in its own popup window, allowing for the player in the main window to be uncovered.  As you manipulate the popup editor, the player shows the changes in a preview mode.

Each slideshow is saved as a post in WordPress, which use a custom post type of ‘syx_slideshow’.

Deep WordPress Integration

The wordpress plugin brings complete integration of the Syrinx Slideshow within a wordpress site. The plugin provides:

  • Custom slideshow admin page
  • WordPress Widget to place and configure slideshows on a page.
  • Shortcode for inserting a slideshow into a post directly.

Users that can edit posts can also edit slideshows, and non admin pages showing a slideshow can also show an “edit now” icon that allows the user to edit the slideshow inline.

Syrinx Slideshow

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