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Support for CSS3 animations for slide layers

We added support for rotate and scale layers using CSS3 transformation, which offers a wide range of options for animations.  Imagine a PNG of a person tucked into a somersault position, where you animate the rotate while also moving it from left to right. In the CSS […]

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Syrinx Slideshow Editor Online Help

Managing the list of slides The top area of the slideshow editor displays a “film strip” of the images that make up the slideshow, showing the order from left to right.

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Slideshow Sample Pack One

This is just a quickly thrown together set of slides made from drag drop sessions from Google images.  What I do is: Create a new slideshow in the slideshow admin page. Hit the red edit icon that appears in the player display on the page. Using another […]

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Slideshow Player Controllers

The slideshow player generates JavaScript events that one or more controllers can attach to, allowing for various types of UI slideshow controllers to be connected up to control the slideshow player. Currently, one controller is bundled with the slideshow plugin, which floats to the right and can […]

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The Slideshow Markup

The slideshow player works directly off of well formatted html for the slide, layers, and keyframes.  The jQuery option that can be passed to start the plugin can be specified in the data-slide-options property of the main slideshow div.  The default options are merged with the options […]

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What’s Coming Up in Slideshow

Current State The player works well, especially with well formatted slideshow html in the plugin’s slideshows folder.  This is driven by Javascript working off of well known html.  It can work with that html already in place on a div with the WordPress plugin’s php to get […]

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Using Syrinx Slideshow

The Syrinx slideshow plugin provides several options for how to display a slideshow. Each slideshow is a collection of images of any size, though it should be at least as big as you intend to use such 1200 wide. Each slide has a direction that the image […]

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